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My Journey (and struggles)

When I got married, I was decently prepared for the emotional and spiritual changes I would soon be experiencing as our lives became one.


But to say I was entirely unprepared for the role of a wife as a homemaker would be an understatement. 


I’d grown up with a focus on education and sports, and didn’t spend too much time at home. Yes, I’d loaded the dishwasher and learned how to fry an egg, but that was really the extent of learning about how to run a home. 


I got married a few months out of college, and it was pretty obvious right away that I had no idea how to manage a home, especially while working full time and growing into our marriage. 


On top of my stressful job, cooking and cleaning (or at least attempting to) put me over the edge. I was overwhelmed at how behind I always was and became anxious about doing any homemaking at all. 


But what I struggled with most was how unhappy my husband was. He had grown up very differently and had trained for how to care for a home. He was so efficient and timely with doing all of the basics that I honestly began to envy his skill. What's worse is I allowed him to take on the majority of the housework after he got home from his back-breaking, blue collar job, simply because it was easier for me. And my laziness  and resentment of wifely duties really began to take a toll on our marriage.


Because of how frustrated and incompetent I was, I couldn’t make our house a home…which was all he wanted to share with me. 


All I wanted was for him to be happy. 


So I quit my job, started my business so I could work at home, and started becoming a homemaker. 


And I failed miserably. 


But after 5 years of marriage and learning little by little, my passion for homemaking slowly grew. Now my focus is growing in skill as a homemaker, wife, and mother.


And if you’re interested in wife or motherhood, I can’t wait to grow with you!

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