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Deanna's Story

When I found Cause of Our Joy, I was looking for a way to work from home due to headaches, thyroid management problems and a back injury that didn’t allow me to sleep well. I had no energy no matter how healthy I ate. I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on supplements that just weren’t working. I lost my job in March. A friend called me and told about the great health results she was getting and a business opportunity that I needed to check out.  

I joined every Zoom meeting and phone call that I could. I asked people questions. These are sincere, kind people. Willing to help even if they did not benefit financially. And the stories! You need the hear these people's stories. The compensation is also generous and I can work from anywhere. My first full month at the business, I made a little money and I have continued to make money every month since.


The best part is that my headaches have decreased in intensity. I am sleeping better. My food cravings are gone. My husband and I have more energy and endurance. We were able to landscape our yard in 90 degree weather with no drop in energy! 


My dad got good results with his joint discomfort. He is allergic to pain medicines so this is a great alternative to help with his discomfort. The reduction of his discomfort gives him better quality of life. My mother-in-law has more energy at 80 years old! These products work!

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