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Welcome to Cause of Our Joy with Elizabeth! A Community of Wives and Mothers Putting Family First.

If you're looking for a glimpse into the life of a wife, mother, and homemaker, you're in the right place!

In the past, wife and motherhood was not only the norm for a woman after a certain age, but it was celebrated. These titles were more than a status symbol, but a recognition of the beautiful role that a woman plays in the life of the family, which is the most important foundation of faith, society, and politics.

Wife and motherhood used to be the most powerful position in society (and it still is). Bearing, raising, and educating the next generation is the goal and most important duty of the mother. But we have certainly neglected recognizing this role properly for at least the past 70 years.

Before and for awhile after my wedding day, I had a very modern idea of marriage. But after a very painful life event and some very direct corrections that I desperately needed, my entire outlook on marriage changed.

And now about 2 years later, my entire lifestyle has completely changed. And I've never felt more internally satisfied and nourished. Or more grateful.

And that's really why I want to share my own experiences with you, dear reader.

Elizabeth with laptop and mug in hand

Let's build a community of women who are passionate about putting their family first.

In a world that is increasingly more divided by every topic, the one thing I believe we wives and mothers can come together on is: our families come first. While I have very strong opinions on just about everything (I have yet to decide if this is a flaw or a virtue), I also recognize that we need to focus on what we share because there is strength in numbers.

We wives and mothers need to build a community that is actively working to raise our families in a way that is healthy for them both physically and spiritually. If we can come together to promote these values that focus on raising the next generation in a good, true, and beautiful way, then we will certainly be doing the most powerful and transformative thing for society as a whole.

A Community of Wives and Mothers Putting Family First

We wives and mothers need to stick together. While it's been difficult before to raise children in this world, we have truly unique circumstances to which no other generation has had to answer. Instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed about the outside world, let's give our children something beautiful to grow up in: a safe home, with a loving mother and father who are deeply in love with each other.

So, if this sounds like something you can get behind, let's connect. Be sure to subscribe to the blog down below and follow me on your favorite platform. I can't wait to grow with you!


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